About Us

It's about your success

Meridian Enterprises Corporation is a full-service, technology-based, business services company founded in 1978. Our clients are typically Fortune 500/1000 who engage us to:

• Improve sales performance in their distribution channel
• Build customer loyalty
• Engage their employees
• Sell their products direct to consumers

We’re not a one size fits all company. Our business solutions are created just for you to fit your specific needs. Although each client and program is different, we are consistent in our approach. Built into every program we create are four key values.

Four Key Values

Creativity – Meridian fosters an environment that challenges existing methods. This results in new product ideas, unexpected approaches, superior customer service and a motivated workforce that wants to deliver for you.

Flexibility - We know your business is always on the move. New challenges and opportunities energize us. Our client-focused philosophy and organizational structure allow us to move quickly to respond to market demands and provide the best service, no matter what.

Timeliness - Businesses today rely on integrated marketing plans to achieve their goals. One missed deadline can have wide ranging consequences. Our team is dedicated to meeting deadlines according to your schedule.

Cost Efficiency – At Meridian we work smarter (and harder). Our adaptable platform enables us to set programs up quickly. Not only does this save time, but we save our clients thousands of dollars each year by passing along these efficiencies.

Our Executive Team

Sam Toumayan

President & Founder
St. Louis, MO

Kevin Higgins

Chief Executive Officer
St. Louis, MO

Deb Hill-Jablonski

Chief Operations Officer
St. Louis, MO

Kent Coffman

Chief Technology Officer
St. Louis, MO

Brian Bell

EVP, Sales
St. Petersburg, FL

Jim Costello

EVP-Managing Director, Incentive Engagement
St. Louis, MO

John Ebann

EVP, Sales
Jacksonville, FL

Steve Puchalsky

EVP, Sales
Miami, FL